Kingdom Wars 2: Battles Patch 0.9.2 is live!

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Presenting Kingdom Wars 2: Battles - Pre-Release I build. With this massive update - we are ready to start the countdown towards eventual release.

KW2B is now full feature complete - and we can finally join our players in playing the game, while fixing last remaining bugs, and improving things there and there.

We will continue with at least two huge updates prior to release - and we expect to fix every single bug remaining - count is over a hundred right now, but with our hands finally free from content creation, we are confident we`ll get things running smooth and bug free.
Thanks for your support, and we are looking forward to reading your reports and suggestions in our forums.

Also we wanted to mention, that as the game graduates from Early Access, we will continue work on new content as well as polishing and improving KW2B for months to come.

Major Fixes and Additions
-New landscape loading screens for all levels
-Added Help Window - more topics to be added soon
-Mouse Cursors change based on tasks
-Added full feature Hokeys system
-New visuals improve winter light and atmosphere
-Pathfinding Update - units will not auto take very long paths to attack
-Pathfinding Update - workers will gather trees much better, in close proximity
-Camera Controls changed - WASDQE + Space bar, or arrows keys to move camera
-Added Chapter 5
-German Voice Acting for campaign

Minor Fixes and Additions
-Fixed some issues with music on loading screen skipping or repeating
-Fixed issues with some battalion members not having same formation, ability on as the rest
-Fixed issues with ability of formation buttons only effecting some units
-Fixed Repair All Walls button
-Fixed exploit with Enchanter building not researched weapons
-New main menu theme track
-Main menu reworked - options, layout, buttons
-Fixed various scaling issues in main menu
-Multiplayer victory dialogues now have music
-Chapter 1 cinematics can now be skipped
-A lot of fixes in Chapter 4
-Fixed main menu weird sound issues on loading
-Fixed Chapter 5 saved points
-Fixed campaign progress not saving if offline
-Fixed few issues with loading saved games
-It will always show light snow during winter
-Updated default settings for custom game and skirmish
-Fixed building level flags staying after destruction

Balance Chanters
-Item Rewards chance re-balances - Common 50% (from 66%), Uncommon 25% (from 20%), Rare 15% (from 10%), Epic 10% (from 4%)
-Item Rewards re-balances - better chance to get Tome of Magic
-Survival Rewards reworked - each wave gets better and better rewards, also improves with difficulty
-Campaign rewards reworked - greatly increased, and gets more items with harder difficulty
-Treasure loot now gives much better rewards
-Less berry bushes for human winter towns
-Each Elven building now adds at least 4 to population
-Elven AI fixed and rebalanced - will not longer have too many Rangers
-Elven AI change build order
-Elven AI is much easier on all difficulties
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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