Dungeon Defenders II Patch 10.5: New Huntress Bow Unlocked!

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
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Huntress Bow-Blaster, New Steam Group Milestone Added
• Thanks to you, we’ve reached 175,000 Steam Group members! That means the Huntress’s Bow-Blaster is now a permanent drop in the game!
• To unlock the Apprentice’s Blaster-Caster, the next Steam Group milestone is 200,000! We’re at 180,000 now, so you’re almost there!
• Click to join the Steam Group!

• Individual tower range is now shown while inspecting a defense.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue where players would lose premium items they received right before a disconnect or server crash.
• Fixed an issue where the Shielding Guard Uber was not functioning.
• Fixed an issue where Ogres were getting stuck inside of the Jester Boxes.
• Mr. Skwish is now affected by Thunder-o, Bearkira and the golden Possessed Sword’s special abilities.
• Fixed an issue where Mr. Skwish can spawn in the ground if towers are built too close to the stage. All towers are now destroyed at the start of the phase in the area where Mr. Skwish spawns.
• Fixed an issue where the Harbinger had a chance to not spawn on Wave 4 Free Play Easy.
• Fixed an issue where Tutorial matchmaking from the Main Menu didn’t have a “found session” UI.
• Fixed the Ruins water issue. Crisis averted, people.
• Fixed a VFX issue with the Liferoot Incursion Ranged Goblin.

On Friday, Phil and Elliot revealed new information regarding the Abyss Lord and how you’ll be able to unlock him (and all future heroes) by playing. Here’s an overview of the stream courtesy of CharrLegion on YouTube.

• Defender Medals (11:25)
--- Defender Medals are a new currency earned by winning or losing matches. It will be used to buy heroes, gear sets and other gameplay items and be available in the next update.
• Hero Unlocks
--- Heroes can be earned with Defender Medals or purchased with gems. All Hero unlocks come with a free Hero Creation slot to, yanno, play and such.
• Abyss Lord (20:20)
--- The Abyss Lord, like the Summoner from Dungeon Defenders, summons minions to aid him in battle.
--- The Abyss Lord is our first ‘Active Builder.’ Using his ‘Direct Command’ ability, the Abyss Lord can control his minions to do special abilities at the cost of blue mana. This will greatly increase your minions’ damage potential during the Combat Phase.
--- The Abyss Lord will release with the next major update.

• Abyss Lord: The Colossus (26:42)
--- The Colossus is an oh-shit defense, and as such, you’ll only be able to build one of him on the map. He can be moved around the map by “rebuilding” him at no green mana cost. This is part of the Abyss Lord’s ‘Active Builder’ gameplay. Tune into the next stream for more minion reveals!
• Q&A (31:15)
--- In the final part of the stream, we discussed a number of your balance questions. Improving and refining the game is a major priority for us this year, and in the coming major updates, you’ll begin to see refinements to existing heroes, systems, builds and more.

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