Guns of Icarus Online Version 1.4.5 Release Notes

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
New features / new content:

• Player and voice channel hierarchy and color
• Added 2v2 water hazard to novice map rotation
• New skirmish match-end with crew stats and match summary
• Notification for being autokicked
• More video options:
--- Soft Particles (was part of Postprocess Effects, improves cloud/ground intersections when enabled)
--- Shader Quality (older GPUs may see a performance improvement if set to Limited or Low)
• Captain target mark is now visible offscreen too
• More information for Need Help button
• Tutorial text improvements (overheated guns, gun info)
• More tools for practice (showing projectile path, spawning targets in different distances, switching guns ingame)
• Clan level 11~15 with new rewards
• Added tooltip help for why the guns are locked for novice players
• Added game mode rules in the lobby too
• Added clarification for the way most active clan leaderboard works
• Active helm skill icons shown on affected components
• Recommended loadout would save just like other loadouts.
• Notification when pilot leaves/comes back
• Score panel is now available on the deploy screen too
• New workshop items:
--- Decal: Oculosprocket (free)
--- Decal: The Bounty Hunters (free)
--- Decal: 1812 WarHawk
--- Male goggles: Green and Gold Aviators
--- Female hat: Dapper Dame's Veiled Hat


• Players are default switched to pilot when they’re in captain seat. Novice players can’t change class if they’re in captain seat.
• Hats and outfits of the same type now stack in character customization inventory UI
• Rematch map vote would at least have one CP map as option
• Ship kills will stay longer in match news feed (at top left)
• Steam client will be used for achievement notifications from now on
• Different colors for un/completed achievements
• Running water effect removed during rainstorms (due to performance, quality issues)
• "AFK" changed to "Inactive"
• Deployed mines for Mine Launcher is easier to read
• Shorter component names in kill feed so there will be less messages cut off
• In-game store will charge USD, Steam will handle currency convert
• Spectators are not allowed to vote map
• Clan chat is now visible in all chat tabs
• Report window doesn’t disable chatbox
• Match system changes
--- Novice are put into regular queues automatically after waiting for 85 seconds
--- Team balance logic fix
• Changed the way character hair is rendered slightly (it gets shadows properly now, but lost some subtle soft edges)


• Client connection times out less quickly under unstable networking conditions
• Add smoke trail at hull break
• Several achievement descriptions on Steam
• Light sources on ships (lanterns etc) are now disabled by distance/settings rather than flickering weirdly
• Flares (and other light sources) no longer stack brightness as crazily on clouds
• Guns being fired by other players aren’t played
• The carpets of the traveller theme have strange light smears
• Hitmarkers are now shown as your own if you get off the gun after firing
• Fixed display/music issue where buffing the hull was interpreted as damage+repair (triggering drums)
• Start screen’s "Play" button not clickable in some aspect ratios
• Friends should not join tutorials
• Character loadout doesn't get updated if accepting recommended loadout while being on customization screen
• Going “Inactive” no longer activates combat music
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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