Path of Exile Ascendancy's Unique Items

By Rebecca Smith, 11 months ago
When Ascendancy launches in less than two weeks, we're introducing many new Unique items. Today's news post showcases five of them.

Malachai's Loop makes gaining Power Charges incredibly simple, but punishes players who get too greedy. The item really shines when used with spells like Discharge where you can control how the Power Charges are spent.

Daresso's Passion grants a bonus for having no Frenzy Charges, but simultaneously makes it easier to acquire them. The trick will be finding a good method for consuming those Charges to maximise both benefits.

While useful as a levelling shield, Glitterdisc also provides an extra layer of defence against fire damage. This includes fire damage that makes up only a portion of the hit.

Some builds require that players kill a steady stream of foes to generate power or frenzy charges, or to activate trigger gems. The Writhing Jar serves as a portable source of enemies, so these builds will function even when monsters are scarce.

Varunastra is a powerful weapon that counts as all one-handed weapon types. It works with all one-handed skills and benefits from all weapon-specific bonuses. This item is available exclusively in the upcoming Perandus Challenge Leagues (which will be announced early next week).

Chris has also made a post that clarifies some information about Ascendancy and a manifesto post about changes to Zana.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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