Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies SUPREME DECODER BACK

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
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Valentine’s Day was a harsh day for me. I am a decent person and an official single survivor, so Valentine’s Day was not my event and I wished for a break. Don’t let the odds rattle you, my fellow single survivors! It’s always a bit of an ordeal the first time. And now, I can proudly announce that we are bringing the Supreme Decoder back!

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Each time you open the Supreme Decoder, you have an 85% chance to win BALROG, SKULL, JANUS, Maverick series or Salamander, M32 MGL, AT4-CS, Leviathan. Any of these weapons will be at minimum 70 Day versions.

This Decoder will be available from 17th February to 9th March so DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Check out what you will get through this Supreme Decoder:

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No need to explain. Just try it and buy your desired items at discounted prices!

- You can only take this coupon once during the event period.
- This coupon will expire on 2nd March 2016.
- You can check this coupon in your coupon box and check for detailed instructions of this item in-game.
- You will get 30% Discount coupon for 1x Costume, 1x Class and 1x Durable. (Total 3 coupons)

With this feature, players are allowed to customize certain weapons by applying paint to them. All painted designs are available for purchase at the store.

Weapon Paint: Galaxy
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Player can paint the selected weapons with Galaxy paint.

Weapon Paint: Choi Ji Yoon
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Player can paint the selected weapons with Ji Yoon Choi paint.

- Google Chrome window module update.
- The latest Steam SDK update.
- Matchmaking server removed.

Please follow our official pages online for info about updates and everything CSN:Z!
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Written by Rebecca Smith
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