Cobalt Update V128

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago

We are hard at work trying to get the "Survival" ready for online. It is not quite ready yet, but progress is good. In the meantime, we have updated the game with bug fixes and balance improvements, particularly to Team-Strike. Most notably we have tried to improve the balance between "Heavy Defender" and "War Sniper" and also tried to improve the economy mechanic to punish the losing team a bit less economy wise.

I know some of you have also wanted the 8 Xbox 360/One controllers. That is now supported through falling back to direct input when all 4 x-input controller slots have been taken.

Edit: Updated build again with a fix for holding down mouse buttons, also
added a default "WASD+Mouse" keyboard preset.
Edit2: Updated build again with a fix the crazy lights

Full change list:


• A default profile is now created using your steam name if you have zero profiles.
• Tips now stay on screen for at least 4 seconds, even if loading is completed faster. Added option to disable tips in settings.
• Mouse-buttons and mouse wheel can now be bound when using keyboard.


• Less stealth penalty for noise. Before the cap-change, stealth penalty was capped at “2”, many guns went above this and were unnecessarily penalized by the increased cap of “6”. Effect of this change: The most stealthy guns are a little bit more stealthy, the average ones before the cap raise are about the same, and the most noisy guns are little less than they were with the cap raised.
• Nano dispenser moved from War Sniper to Heavy defender.
• Sniper more expensive, (150/350/525) was (125,275,400)
• Heavy Defender level 2 and 3 has a melee weapon.
• Heavy Defender increased magazine size across all levels.
• Heavy Defender cheaper, (150, 300, 475) was (175, 325, 550)
• Heavy Defender and sniper changed place in shop gui.
• Sniper level 3 has a sabre wing egg.
• Team-Strike repair character cost increased by 50%.
• Team-Strike loss streak bonus increased to (100) was (50).
• Team-Strike max loss streak reduced to (2), was (3). Max loss bonus now 100*2 (after two losses), instead of 50*3 (after three losses).
• Team-Strike, min spawn time at start is now (0.75s) to help locate your spawn before the game begins.
• Team-Strike, increased highlighting for local players in hud to easen finding your own hud.
• Team-Strike, take over actor ring and highlight effect now not visible for non-local players.
• Deathmatch respawn time now starts at (0.5s) was (0.75s)
• Deathmatch spawn protection now (1.5s) was (1s)
• When fading from invulnerable to vulnerable during spawn protection, your reaction enhancer now activates linearly instead of being fully enabled from the start.
• Spawning indicator now shows 1 ring before you spawn on your spawn point.
• Spawn protection now protects against flashbangs.
• Less spamming of flame in Space Zone.
• Deathmatch map ”Tower” added a Phaser gun.
• Deathmatch map “Little House” added lights to doors.
• Team-Strike map “Forest” simplified collision on the left underground entrance.
• Team-Strike map “Confront” removed collision on center furniture, added lamps to doors.
• ”Hack Grenade” reduced fuse timer to (1.25) was (1.5)
• ”Hack Grenade” sparks increased speed to (300) was (200)
• ”Hack Grenade” reduced bullet time effect to (0.4) was (0.5)
• ”Hack Grenade” reduced bullet time range to (0.9) was (1)
• ”Hack Grenade” Added more effect feedback to a successful hit.
• ”Chrono Bomb” reduced fuze timer to (1.25) was (1.5)
• ”Chrono Bomb” increased chrono range to (500) was (400)
• ”Chrono Bomb” increased time-factor on characters to (0.33) was (0.5). (makes them slightly slower)
• ”Molotov” fire cores doubled damage over time to (0.1), was (0.05).
• ”Molotov” now cause 1 heat on impact in a radius of 240 too. (about same size as grenades)
• Ice Queen no longer has instant shield recharge.


• Fixed bug in survival where after a continue, you would not get your character back, but instead lose all things you lost during the wave
• Fixed ducking not affecting physical size on clients. (this would often cause heavy defender to get its head shot off way more often than it should behind the shield, among other things...)
• Fixed inaccurate angle when standing on ground and gripping walls for client actors.
• Fixed direct input controllers now working correctly in online.
• Fixed disappearing in survival mode when mounting bopo just as bopo disappears.
• Fixed bug where you could spam text-chat by pressing enter again.
• Fixed bug that didn’t allow holding down backspace to erase many characters.
• Fixed bug in text-entry, now works with åäö and the like!
• Fixed bug where hack grenades would not work properly on client characters.
• Fixed bug where clients would not aim down on breakable tiles when ducking
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueSteamAchievements, TrueAchievements and TrueTrophies. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she can usually be found sharpening her very, VERY, pointy grammar stick in anticipation of its imminent use. Outside of TSA, TA and TT, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. At home, with a variety of PCs and consoles on hand from which to choose, starting with a ZX Spectrum, games are never far away there either. However, as you're not supposed to have an unhealthy obsession with just a single subject, she also likes to read and dream about owning her own tribe of minions. She'll occasionally go outside.