Waste Walkers Deliverance DLC Announcement

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Waste Walkers

This is an announcement to let everyone know a little more about the Deliverance DLC. It's coming out April 7th!

It has been one year since the bombs fell. Death and decay plague the air and the world continues to grow darker by the day. Humanity still struggles to reconcile itself with the loss of loved ones and its dreams for the future. The cities, once free for survivors looking to find food and remnants of civilization, have been picked over and are now full of killers and mutants. Small bands of determined survivors strive to live in the outskirts and the wilderness, where nature still provides food and supplies for those willing to pay the high price it demands in both body and spirit. Take on the role of Screw, a scavenger for the colony of Tranquil Point, located in an old insane asylum, who was recently sent into a coma after being injured during a scavenging run.

• Entirely New Adventure - Take On The Role Of Screw, A Skilled Fighter And Scavenger As He Struggles To Survive The Harshness Of The Wastes!
• Powerful Storyline - Deliverance Focuses Around An Intense Main Plot But As Always, Will Have Dozens Of Side Quests And Other Things To Do!
• New Characters - Completely New Characters!
• New Skills - Improve Your Survival Chances With New Skills And Even New Abilities!
• New Equipment - Face Your Foes With Dozens Of New Items And Equipment!
• Dungeon Crawling Mechanics - Journey Into The Dark Unknown And Face Unreal Horrors!
• Advanced Features - Many Features Of The Base Game Have Been Expanded Upon And Further Advanced!
• New Side Quests - Dozens Of New Side Quests To Complete!
• New Map - Explore The Entirely New Map Of Fair Place, New Locations And New Areas!
• New Enemies - Face New Enemies And New Threats In The Wastes!

As always, be safe Waste Walkers.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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