Indie Game Battle v1.45 has been released!

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Hey everyone!

The Cute Update is finally here! Go play as the 4 new characters on the 5 new stages!
Also, here is the update trailer, showing off most of the major additions:

I am aware of a couple of bugs, but there shouldn't be anything too bad. Just very minor things which shouldn't affect gameplay, as far as I am aware of! You can expect these minors bugs fixed fairly soon, too, probably.

Anyhow, here's the enormous changelog!

-NoLegs has been added as a playable character!
-Woodle Tree has been added as a playable character!
-Zee Tee has been added as a playable character!
-"Temple of Godcat" has been added to the stage select.
-"Woodle's House" has been added to the stage select.
-"Turbo Pug" has been added to the stage select.
-"Eversion - World 1" has been added to the stage select.
-"Skyward Core" has been added to the stage select.
-Added The Kid's up tilt, up air, down air, and side special! He also got his victory animation and all 3 taunts!
-Added Rex's up smash!
-Added Adventure Pals' down special! Use it to throw bombs downwards when in mid-air, or plant bombs when on the ground!
-A new "Waiting Room" theme has been added to the Training stage.
-Matt has gotten 1 new alt costume!
-Max & STEVE have gotten 2 new alt costumes!
-Added unique hit effects with SFX for light-based attacks.
-Added death SFX for characters. Not many characters use this feature yet, however.
-Added a few more voice clips to Salad Fingers.

**Changes & Improvements**
-When respawning, you now have 5 seconds of invincibility.
-Some tweaks on the Showdown stage. Mainly lowering the spawn points a little bit to match the ground level better, as well as improving the waterfall particle effects. Also added some more scenery.
-Matt now has a hitbox on up taunt.
-The Kid now has a trail effect on his cape during some moves.
-When perfectshielding a hit, your perfectshield duration will refresh up to 0.6 sec instead of 0.2 sec. This further rewards perfectshielding, as it makes it even safer towards multiple hits. Or generally multiple attacks, in case your opponent keeps attacking.
-When shielding, other players walking into you will not push you around as much. So you can't be pushed off ledges as easily when shielding.
-Wizard's up special will now only have a hitbox (and use PP) if you hold the special attack button down when he reappears. This makes the player able to choose whether on using the hitbox or not, in return for using PP.
-CPUs now have a limit on smash attacks. Meaning that they'll still be more likely to use smash attacks if their target is at a higher percentage like before, but this likelyhood now has a limit in order to prevent them from only using smash attacks.
-Landing lag pretty much removed entirely.
-Base shieldstun reduced, and shieldstun growth increased. This makes you a bit less locked within shield on weaker moves, but still locked for quite long on stronger attacks.
-Quite a few model improvements for Matt.
-Character select has been improved. Also optimized a little bit.
-A lot of character renders have been updated.
-Updated effects when running, landing, walljumping, getting launched, and getting KO'd.
-You can no longer jab-cancel so fast into any other move. Now you have to do the full jab with all hits. This was a problem before, as you could do the first hit or two of the jab, and then cancel it into forward smash, with no way for the opponent to escape since they were still in hitstun. It also usually made the full jab obsolete, as you'd get more damage and knockback out of it by canceling it than you would for completing it. You can still cancel the jabs, but canceling into other moves is simply no longer a true combo, as it is now escapable.
-When being hit very close to a wall, your sideways knockback will be reversed. This is in order to prevent you from getting infinitely comboed and stuck against walls if someone keeps attacking you.
-AI has been improved further. They now spam less smash attacks even at high percent, as well as spam less projectiles at range. They also use more varied tilts, aerials, and smash attacks than before. For example, they may try to do up tilt instead of forward tilt at times, or down smash instead of always forward smash. CPUs on level 9 now also have a larger amount of error in their reaction time. Which means they may now react slower sometimes instead of always being perfect. They're also more likely to use aerial attacks in general.
-Matt's super attack has been optimized. The graphics on it has also been changed slightly, and it has gotten new SFX.
-Removed Skidaros

-Fixed major bug where if you jumped out of shield, it would glitch up the character animations a lot.
-Fixed bug where you could jump out of shield when in shieldstun, which made shieldstun fairly useless as you could escape it.
-Fixed a fairly big bug where characters would keep clinging onto walls regardless if you stopped pushing towards the wall or not. This could cost you lives, as clinging to the wall when you're not supposed to could hinder recovery at times. In addition to this, if the wall disappared for any reason (or if you reached the bottom of a wall that ended mid-air) it would also leave you clinging onto an invisible wall and sliding downwards in mid-air as long as you didn't walljump or move in a direction.
-Fixed major bug where you would sometimes not be able to move left or right after getting KO'd, until you were hit again. Let me know if this bug is still around.
-Fixed bug where Matt's up special wouldn't be canceled if you grabbed ledges or clung onto walls.
-Fixed bug where you'd sometimes do up air or down air when trying to do forward air or back air.
-Fixed bug where you'd sometimes not be able to move after getting KO'd.
-Fixed bug where Thunder's sword trail effect during forward smash would sometimes hover in the air until the move was used again, if the move got cancelled.
-Fixed menu bug where the in-game cursor would not move to the Extra Settings menu when you entered it, making it more or less useless for navigating in that particular menu section.
-Fixed bug where if you clicked "Back" on the Extra Settings menu, you'd go 2 menu sections back instead of 1.
-Fixed bug where if you rolled off a ledge you could grab at a perfect distance (letting you drop down and grab onto it), you'd be unable to move, leaving you stuck at the ledge.
-Fixed bug where if you were in tumble/launch and landed exactly on the edge of a platform, you would stay in tumble without landing, while also being on top of the platform.
-Fixed major bug where if you landed while doing an aerial attack and cancelled it, you'd then be able to move around during the startup and endlag of grounded attacks. You could also move around while charging smash attacks and such. This lasted forever, until you did another aerial without canceling it by landing.
-Fixed bug where you couldn't move your cursor on the extra battle settings menu.

-Jabs have been rebalanced. Some jabs now connect properly with themselves and are faster, as some were simply too slow and not that great.

-Rex's fsmash now has more endlag.
-Rex now has a bit less super armor on fsmash and dsmash.
-Wizard's up special now uses 25 PP instead of 10.
-Bingo now keeps less speed after using side special.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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