UTOPIA 9 Soylent Pink - The Nourishing Drink!

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Lunar New Year is at it’s end but fret not, Utopia 9 - A volatile Vacation has a new update ready!

Item Adjustments
Weapons have gone through balance and functionality changes

• The Fast Fingers mutation now works properly.
• The Swap Hands key now swaps the Primary and Secondary attacks on two-handed weapons.
• All Ranged weapons now have a fallback melee attack.
• All attacks with Melee weapons now have a sweet attack effect.
• The Flak Pistol has a new model.
• The Pumpgun’s attack rate is doubled, but damage is halved.
• The Railgun no longer penetrates Shields.
• Leftover damage, from attacks that destroys Shields, damages the bearer.

Improved Controller Support
Game Controller support is improved towards an even smoother experience

• Added dynamic switching between mouse/joystick aiming.
• XBOX controllers now display correct axis and button names.
• Other controllers brings up a prompt for controls setup.

Mutant Behavior
Mutants now behave differently based on their weapon type

• Bullet (Overreacts): Lays down suppressive fire when you take cover
• Energy (Evasive): Fires weapon then moves to a friendly mutant.
• Explosive (Cowardly): Fires weapon then runs for cover.
• Melee (Aggressive): Charges around corners into the unknown.
• Shells (Guerilla): Fires weapon then takes a quick sidestep.
• We plan to expand these behavioural differences even further!

Story Update
We have begun elaborating on the ingame narrative

• Pollen has been replaced with Soylent Pink.
• Added new models and visuals throughout the game.
• Vending Machines can now be destroyed.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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