Space Colony: Steam Edition Lunar Map Pack

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Now Available on Steam Workshop

To celebrate the Lunar New Year Sale we've created four new maps for Space Colony! Accessible via Steam Workshop, each map was created by a different team member to present a unique challenge:

Four New Maps

Intrepid - VL-537 attracted many colonists in the early years due to its green landscapes, beautiful canyons and Earth-like ability to provide for settlers. Unfortunately recent rumors of colonists disappearing and entirely unrelated budget cuts mean that we can't offer much financial support. Given the circumstances all we ask is that you read the guide book and follow standard procedure. We just hope the planet lets you...

Desert Loners - Welcome to Desert Loners! The bad news is that your ship has crash-landed on a strange moon. You are struggling to survive and a nearby asteroid belt, along with your history of gambling debts, means rescue is highly unlikely. The good news? Both you and your team of misfits are still breathing! If you do manage to beat the odds and survive there may a future among the stars for your motley crew.

Be Brave - Destined to be the most important 'red planet' in the known universe, this new discovery is filled with precious resources and ample colony-friendly vegetation. Less friendly are the local extraterrestrial inhabitants, fiercely protective of their nest. A successful colonist is a breathing colonist, so build defenses and erect laser towers before venturing out into the unknown. Patiently explore the planet and you might just return both rich and alive!

Subjugate - It has been several decades now since our company last discovered an Earth-type planet with the required ecological balance to sustain life without any terraforming. A recent report from your scouting team suggests they have pinpointed the location of a new Class-M habitable planet. We know that communication has since fallen silent, but believe this is simply due to interference caused by debris in the planet's upper atmosphere. We also know what you're thinking, however there is no evidence to suggest hostile a alien threat. So get your team on site and take control of the situation before our rivals do!

We hope you enjoy the new maps and the rest of the Steam Sale!

Please Note - These new maps are not included in the base game and must be downloaded separately via Steam Workshop using the links above.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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