Lambda Wars Beta Status Report - February

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Greetings, strategists!

In this report we will discuss a little about what's being worked on and what we hear a lot from players' suggestions. This steam announcement briefly talks about the new additions, so please view the link to the forums provided above.

Content of this report:
-Introduction video
-New Combine structures models
-Talking about player suggestions

Introduction video

The link above displays the video that will play once you launch the game. More info on forum post.

New Combine structure models

New candidates for the dev posts arrived! Jackskullcrack and The gentlemen are both working on their new models for Combine. But all we can show you really is the concept art for these new models. It's over a month already as they've been working on these, yet they are almost done!

The structures that are being made: Garrison and Spec Ops. It is something what really looks fit for Combine as they mostly, if not all, are synthetic creatures. The Garrison and Spec Ops both seem fit for this sort of style.

The concept art can be seen on the forums.

Talking about players' suggestions

This is quite a hard topic as many player suggest many things.
For the past two months we've seen many suggestions for the game that could be fit for the game. Those included units, races, game modes and many more, but most of them aren't (yet) fit for the gameplay or the lore of Half-Life 2 universe.

The topics that I talked about it can be viewed on the forums as well.

Thank you for your attention!
-Mr. Darkness.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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