Suggestions for Echoes Of Aetheria 2.0!

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Echoes 2.0 HUGE update on the horizon
Hello everyone!

2.0 might take a while, but it's going to be a pretty big update. Some already planned changes:

-Forge system and equipment revamp! We plan on making forging a lot more fun - details to come.
-Some early dialogue - I hope to make it shorter and/or funnier.
-Repeatable, high level missions won't scale so hard. Level 99'ers, your wish is my command!
-Enemies will use more moves that move you, and more "channeled" finishers. Meaning, they will build up to moves that have a casting time that you can interrupt, but if you don't, look out!
-Some changes to the Battle of Enkidu Hill and the Siege of Ezrum. We understand that, while you only HAVE to defeat one enemy - Alexei (or two in the case of Enkidu Hill) the information conveyance may not be clear. Players who wish to mostly bypass these sieges will be able to do so much more easily.

Please send your suggestions and we will add them to the list if they're good!

Best regards,

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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