Clandestine Update 1.0.6!

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Greetings field teams!

Our latest update is now live. We are very pleased to announce that Clandestine now features Steam Cloud support. We have also unlocked/added 30 new Achievements! The new achievements are role based. There are 15 new Spy related and 15 new Hacker related acheivements for you to unlock. We also fixed a number of bugs and issues, read below for full details.

Change List

Steam cloud support - Players may now save their game to the steam cloud meaning they are able to access their saved files from multiple computers.

Added 15 hacker specific achievements
• Anonymous - Complete every mission without getting caught by the admins and without using any viruses or DDOS attacks
• Acid Burn - Crack 100 nodes
• The Plague - Install 50 viruses
• Perfect Dark - Cancel 10 alarms
• Fly On The Wall - Tag 50 enemies
• Watch Dog - Neutralise 20 enemies with transformers or steam pipes
• 4chan - Use DDOSFlood 20 times
• Dodge This - Evade the admins 100 times when they're actively tracing you
• I Need Guns... - Spawn 20 dead drops for the spy
• Garbage Collector - Remove 15 bodies
• Operation Dinner Out - Bribe 10 enemies
• 1984 - Spend a combined one hour viewing surveillance camera feeds
• Uplink - Have 5 VPN tunnels going at once
• Sneakers - Complete all social engineering sequences
• Ladies First - Disable 20 lasers for the spy

Added 15 spy specific achievements
• IMF - Complete every storyline mission within the allotted time limit (in the description located in the mission selection screen)
• Adinatha - Complete every storyline mission without killing anyone
• Ghost - Complete any mission without getting spotted
• Ethereal - Complete every storyline mission without getting spotted
• We'll Do It Live - Complete any mission without ever carrying a gun
• MacGyver - Complete every storyline mission without ever carrying a gun
• One True Keeper - Collect all intel in any mission
• Executive Outcomes - Kill at least 100 enemies throughout the game
• The Cleaner - Kill at least 50 enemies with headshots
• Haywire - Take out 50 enemies with melee takedowns
• Lord Protector - Knock out 25 enemies with ring airfoil rounds
• Keymaster - Successfully pick 10 locks
• Morrígan - Stun 5 enemies at the same time with the Banshee
• First Echelon - Use five different gadgets in one mission
• Safety First - Shoot an enemy with a chambered round that's different than your loaded magazine

Bug Fixes
• Fixed cleaner button not being disabled when transitioning from hacker into spy view and then back to hacker
• Fixed issue with the readable object keeping the prompt stuck in screen
• Fixed bug where installing rootkit at Wen's laptop while the radio message was still playing would keep the "connect to we zhi's laptop" objective stuck
• Fixed opened door in kbehq that was closing towards the wall instead of the frame
• Fixed issue where the tutorial pop up for disabling the static secuirty camera got stuck on screen
• Fixed issue where in cleaner mode, using the cleaning local asset on a dead body would reduce the amount of dead ai from the objective counter
• Fixed issue where the transformers and steam pipes selection square in the tactical map had the wrong size
• Fixed issue where the email client close button wasn't doing anything
• Fixed issue in London where the drawer wouldn't be highlighted once the player got the prompt to interact with it
• Fixed issue where picking up ammo from a deaddrop would not refill the secondary holstered weapon
• Fixed issue where the player couldn't refill their magazines if Katya didn't have a gun
• Fixed replication issue in Paris mission where the Semtex would be visible for the Hacker while it is disabled for the Spy

Known Issues

As the Spy: Opening the chat the second time in a mission, the cursor disappears. While the chat is still open (and cursor has disappeared) if you then click with the mouse "/Message" appears briefly. As the Hacker: the text cursor still disappears, but will reappear if you click anywhere with the mouse.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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