5089: The Action RPG Update v1.21

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
This is primarily an important bugfix release!

• Fixed floating bots & players in multiplayer
• Fixed a crash when picking dialog responses near the end of the game
• Renamed "Violet Towers" to "Violet Headquarters" to better distinguish them from the small watch towers
• Spawning fixes: spawn points won't be generated underneath or inside roads
• Spawning fixes: boxes & robots won't be spawned in areas that don't have physics generated yet
• Performance improvement in terrain generation (found when fixing spawn points)
• Some small tweaks to hopefully catch very rare situations where you get a "System Failure" message, but don't actually die

The 2 spawning fixes should hopefully significantly reduce bots appearing underground or stuck in walls. The biggest problem that I believe was causing it was when a robot was placed before the physics control was created for an area -- causing the robot to fall through floors until the physics caught up.

I also hope renaming "Violet Towers" to "Violet Headquarters" will help clear up confusion on what building to expect a leader at the top: the massive, multi-floor ones with violet spiked roofs.

Keep the feedback & suggestions coming! Thank you again for your support, it is greatly appreciated.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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