Ancestory Content Update #2

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
New challengers enter the battlefield

• Varpu & Elder Varpu!
The herbalist Varpu is an adept healer suitable for empowering friendly minions with some extra health. She might not be the most physically fit character, but her Herbal Wisdom buff can make your minions much stronger and Elder Varpu can heal them with Remedy every turn if necessary.

New Spells

The update also contains more new spells:
• Cursed Heart
• Arcane’s Call
• One with the Nature
• Proper Beatdown
• Beast Within


We have made some improvements to the game balance and addressing two of the less valuable cards:
• Reduced cost of Back from the Grave
• Reduced cost of Last Stand
• Reduced the effect of Infuse Mana from 3 to 2
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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