Cobalt Languages, Cloak Balance, Zero Volts!

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Hello... metalfaces?
We have just updated the game with languages, game-play balance and a list of bug-fixes.


• 5 Languages supported! Go to Help&Options, pick settings, and select language from the drop down. Exit settings and restart game! Keep in mind some strings that we have added just recently (steam-specific online settings, emotes…) will still only be available in English, but most of the game is localized!

• Max stealth penalty raised. This will mostly affect very noisy weapons such as the matter war.
• More sloth grips in resupply station 1.

• Fixed bug where you would spawn at the start of a chapter instead of at your last checkpoint.
• Enlarged story computer text sizes on some resolutions.
• Shrunk the computer talk bubbles in story.
• Missiles and other projected bullet types now work better on client. (less blowing up yourself after landing with missiles!)
• Melee attacks while moving around as client more accurate!
• Crash fix with tamed wasps in story.
• Possible fix for the lights shaking bug. (hard to reproduce!)
• Possible fix for the 0 Volts bug. (hard to reproduce!)
• When using custom classes in Team-Strike, first class price is now correct for clients.
• Fixed enter key not working by default to send text chat in customized controls.

For people coming from the beta, Emote defaults are back on the digi-pad due to popular demand. Sorry digi-pad menu lovers. You will have to reconfigure the default controls.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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