H-Hour: World's Elite Quick Look - February 8th

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Posted on Behalf of SOF Studios President, Tom

Hello H-Hour Community!

We hope you all had a great week. As you all know we’ve moved to updating H-Hour every other week. So this Friday you’ll see some more improvements/content in the game. Primarily the in game Armory selectors. We’re also working on enhancing our controller support for this Friday as well.

After this Friday’s patch, Kevin will turn a lot of his attention to the workshop and getting it released fully so the community can start jumping in and playing maps made by your friends and community members.

We’ve been doing a lot here at the Studio with regards to game development but I must apologize that some questions from the community are getting overlooked. I’ve stated several times that we’re here to make the best possible game we can. The MODs are doing their very best to manage the forums and they and some of the staff try to update the community with the information that they have. Unfortunately, the information in their hands is sometimes very limited. We get literally hundreds of tweets, Facebook and website messages a week and it’s virtually impossible to answer all of them. I’ll look to address a couple ones that have come up recently.

Where is map 5?

Map 5 is blocked out and is now on hold and Map 6 (Technicolor’s map) is past the block out stage and is on hold. The main reason our maps are now on hold is because everything that goes into the game requires programmer support. That includes maps, models, map assets, sounds, actions, weapons, physics, baking, lighting, functionality, and on and on. We need to catch up on the programming side of things for the next while. I think you guys can recall, on the forums, a lot of comments were made to STOP making more maps and fix the core game play? Well, we’re at that phase now. We’re also hoping that the improvements to the workshop will get more folks playing and helping one another get some more maps to play under the H-Hour banner.

Will you finish the game?

Yes. We have every intention of continuing our development of H-Hour until it is complete. The pace may not be fast enough for some but we are in Early Access for this express purpose. We are not an AAA studio or number one on the top seller list so we need to be realistic about what we can do and how fast we can do it. This means operating efficiently by managing our resources (money and people) based on the deliverables in our current approved work plans. As a small studio it is also important to balance resourcing and development priorities within the available funding envelope for the short term AND long term goals of the project. We still have our eye on the final vision and we hope all of you will continue to support H-Hour by playing and providing the feedback we need as development progresses.

Where is Russ?

Russ’s workload has slowed down to a very slow crawl for the Studio. He has not been fired and he did not leave the Studio. With that said, all studio personnel are "independent" contractors. Contractor work in the gaming industry is the norm so our personnel understand this means level of effort on any given month ebbs and flows depending on the approved work priorities. Given this, all studio contractors are free to work on other projects if their current workload allows so they can provide financial support for their families. Russ has been cranking on H-Hour, full time, since Oct 2014. The moment we’re caught up on the programming side and games sales improve, because making games isn’t cheap, Russ will return full time to help deliver map 5 and guide Technicolor through finishing map 6. Russ sent out a tweet the other day saying “He’s 100% committed to seeing H-Hour succeed and he’s not abandoning it”. He means what he says.

Where is PS4?

As stated numerous times… We can’t move to PS4 until H-Hour is completed on Steam. This has always been the message for the port. If you move something that isn’t a 100% or you don’t have the man power to dedicate the time to that port you’re going to make a mess of things and probably won’t get through Sony’s strict Greenlight/Q&A process. Getting approval to build a game dedicated for PS4 (which we have) is NOT the same as getting approval to release on the platform.

The Studio is very dedicated to getting H-Hour to full release on Steam and get this game on console the most efficient way possible.

We hope this answers some of your questions or concerns.

Keep a look out this Friday for the patch notes and we’ll talk with you all next Tuesday because Monday is President’s Day.
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