By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
We keep progressing with the porting. Hopefully, for our next update the first two of the three console ports will be done.

The QA requirements of the consoles mean a lot of changes are done to our backends (savegames, unlocks... etc) and those changes are getting ported to the PC version as soon as they are implemented.

The most significant gameplay change in this build is a change on how the combat director organizes enemy attack patterns. Before, enemies where assigned an aggressive ticket that moved them into attacking distance and allowed then to actually attack. However, those tickets were held for a long time, making many enemies unable to get their own tickets unless you either attacked them or killed the aggressive enemy. Now, once an enemy attacks, it loses its aggression ticket and allows other enemies to get one. This results in less enemies being passive, but also in a moderately higher amount of attacks against the player, significantly changing the difficulty of the game.

We'd love to hear your feedback on this.

-Volume options now affect all sounds
-Sounds pause during menus now
-In game text should not overlap menus anymore
-Enemies should attack much more frequently.
-Enemy kills are processed much faster now.
-Heart no longer hasa black screen on its face for one frame when switching weapons
-Linus build shoud be working now
-Slash second Quest laser are not deafening anymore
-Factory elevator sound behaves more sensibly
-Flybots cast longer shadows and are easier to localize in space
-Heart does no longer look SD in the equipment menu
-Not having Steam on should no lnger make the game unplayable.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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