Dropsy Version 1.4 Patch Notes

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
2016.02.05 - Version 1.4
'Clown About Town' achievement is now unlockable
'The Perfect Storm' achievement is now unlockable
'Tapeworm' achievement is now unlockable
'The Moistening' achievement is now unlockable
'Tight Pants' achievement is now unlockable
'What Does It Say About His Clown Level!?' achievement is now unlockable
When Dropsy is holding an item, an icon is now displayed in the bottom right
Fix music in church after Preacher's puzzle has been solved
Change bracelet sprite to be more effective and positioned correctly
Added blinking hug button to end of Chickenman's dialog
Remove floating 'ghost' cursors from various scenes
Fix map markers to properly appear for bird's mom and megacircus
Removed fade bugs from circus training cutscene
Fix bug where leaving the screen while dog is peeing locks the game
Dropsy will no longer be able to hide from the cops in his bedroom
Fixed minor bug with brothers picture
Fixed bug with walkable area in the skyscraper exterior
Edit various dialog icons
Parallax fix in Nightclub
Various minor tinting and Z-sort fixes

********** TABLETS **********
Parity between PC and tablet versions
Add touch feedback for tapping
Implemented WalkDestination for puff effect
Larger tappable areas for toolbar buttons
Inventory item large view polish
Fix a critical game hang during police chase sequence
Refocus scene where Dropsy's sleeping if in 4:3
Focus camera on Homeless Lady if in 4:3
Fix weird jittering on end-game credits roll
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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