5089: The Action RPG Update v1.19

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Thank you again for your feedback! Here are the changes in v1.19:

• Spiderbots no longer cause explosion damage when they die.
• Homing projectiles shall now target "center of mass" instead of just its physics position.
• Convert & expand tools now have a reduced & fixed burden value of 0.5.
• All stations now become powered at the same "Conversion Points" requirement (excluding workstations & backup stations, which are always powered). As a result, Construction & Utilities stations will be unlocked at the start of the game.
• Improved base conversion tool error messages to better distinguish between "Violet Towers" (spiked buildings) & "Violet Bases" (violet territory surrounded by tall walls).
• Stuff you can afford in the shop will have a green hover effect, while stuff you can't afford will have a red effect.
• Tweaked spawn point positioning & Violet tower spawning rules. Hopefully this will combat problems with tower leaders not spawning at the top of large, spiked buildings.
• Windows: Added a debug file called "usedjava.txt" that will say which Java runtime was used. Hopefully this will help troubleshoot issues when trying to play on 32-bit machines (the 64-bit version isn't suppose to take priority).
• Linux: Including Java 9, which people report better success with. 5089 will now try to launch with your default Java installation, if the included Java doesn't work.

New in v1.20:

• Windows: Hopeful launcher bug fix introduced in v1.19
• Windows: Update included Java to 8_u74
• Leaders in violet towers will no longer "wander" (so they will be found easier at the top).
• More tweaks to violet tower spawning. Hopefully they will be more reliably placed on top of towers now!
• Updated to OpenVR 0.9.15 library

An item comparison feature & investigating floating multiplayer bots are high on the priority list.

I'm also planning some virtual reality improvements to prepare for upcoming consumer releases!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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