Path to the Sky v0.10 - Early Access is out

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Hello everyone,

Path to the Sky is now out for everyone! Thank you for playing :)
This is the changelog for v0.10 - These changes are mostly polish for the EA release!

• Added water physics, sound & effects
• Added menu logos
• Added credits screen
• Added visuals for random spawning mobs

• Reworked combat & movement sounds
• Improved speech/dialogue sound
• Improved menu sounds
• Reworked instructions

• Shopkeeper now correctly sells keys
• Fixed mac display bugs that happened on retina displays

Whats next?
I will be monitoring the first players now and watch for any critical bugs or crashes; Once most of the dust has settled, I'll be looking at the most requested features! For now, Controller support seems to be one of the main requests, so we're gonna try to make that happen!

Dont be afraid to post any ideas / feedback in the forums!

Thank you,
- dek
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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