Hero Defense - Haunted Island Version 0.1.1

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
We just uploaded version 0.1.1. While we are still working hard to get the multiplayer ready for you, we fixed the most critical bugs and issues that popped up in the last week:

The biggest issue by far was that some players lost their savegames when attaching devices to their computer. The good news is that no savegames are actually lost, the game just accidentally created a new save slot. When you start the game for the first time after downloading the patch, it will automatically scan for other savegames and pick the one where you have the most progress.

Fixing this also allowed us to finally enable Steam Cloud Saves.

We also fixed some major exploits in the rune system:
Using multiple Charge Cost Reduction runes now gives diminishing returns. This ensures that you can no longer reduce the charge cost of a character to zero.

The second major exploit was with the Orbs on Hit and Gold on Hit runes. When added to a character with a very high attack speed and multiple projectiles (i.e. Wylde), they were able to generate ridiculous amounts of orbs and gold. We now added a short cooldown timer to those runes. They can only trigger once every 0.5 seconds per character. They should still be pretty strong, and be the gold farming mechanic they were designed to be, but they shouldn't be as ridiculously broken as before.

The Master Blacksmith achievement is fixed now. If you have already upgraded all weapons to the max level, you will be granted the achievement once you start a map.

From watching some of the YouTubers and Twitch streamers play, we realized that selecting characters by clicking on them or their portraits didn't work reliably. This should be fixed now - please tell us if works for you now.

We also made a couple of other minor fixes and quality of life improvements.
You can find the full patch notes here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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