Warhammer 40000: Eternal Crusade Performance Patch

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
We've been working hard pressing buttons on keyboards, moving our mice, and watching each other's screens, talking about that and creating a lot of stuff. While I've been mostly busy with pointing my fingers directing where we go and saying things to artists like "more crimson, with intensity", our team that has been working hard on performance have a lot of stuff.

The bad part is that it's dangerous stuff which we want to deploy separately and as soon as possible to see the effect of these changes, and make you happy with a better performing (or even previously non-performing) game. So this performance hotfix, cause it's H O T, will be deployed Thursday.

It's just the start though, it includes more advanced graphical settings that specifically help AMD and generally everybody that want to tune things more, it includes workarounds for specific issues, it messes with our physics engine which should benefit everyone as well AND it led us to find deeper issues with AMD, Unreal 4 and Intel and how they work together with what we're doing.

Those are far more difficult to fix (in fact, we hope they fix it natively instead of us having to create dirty filthy workarounds) but expect more to come.

Even nicer is that the Cream of Corruption will come with the hotfix because it's so isolated and we can "cherry pick" it out easily.

The drawback? The keybindings and a ton of improvements will be merged with next weeks patch, which due to all the stuff in it will probably be on Thursday the 11th, the new map should make it in, more optimizations to maps as well as the graphics engine - because we need to deploy the entire "branch" we've been all working in. That means it has a lot of stuff. Even a new weapon.

This is a good, dangerous things. As I always say, live life on the edge and I hope the latest hottest hotfix cream of the crop news will satisfy your most urgent performance needs for now.

Yours forever,

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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