Evochron Legacy 1.0138 Update...

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
- Option to zoom in on ship design hologram in shipyard added.
- Main menu logo now visible when player starts game from open space cryo mode.
- Target range list now displays ship ranges exclusively, even when non-ship object is targeted.
- Proximity requirement of flight lead in order for kills to count in multiplayer contracts removed.
- Items stored in hangars would sometimes not display when activating the 'View Hangar Details' option, fixed.
- Shield augment controls via dedicated HAT mode disabled for panning in certain third person views (to target and from target).
- Subsystem description, damage, and highlight indicator on target detail display now clear when target leaves range.
- Minimum station module build proximity near jump gates increased from 5000 to 8000.
- Base energy level rating changed to include addition of energy cores in shipyard.
- Assembly values in shipyard for frame descriptions corrected.
- Custom size factor options added to gauges.txt file options.
- Fuel cost levels for location variation tapered.

Server Program:

- 3D enabled server program updated to synchronize with maximum FPS value parameter (line 801).
- New default values applied for maximum FPS and vsync settings (120 for line 801 and 0 for 802).


Default server performance settings have been changed to better accommodate maximum player values above the default 8. Line 801 can also be increased to 150 or 180 as may be needed, depending on system performance and resource needs.

As with any server update, always make sure to back up your text8.dat config file, factionmap.txt territory control file, and universemulti.txt module file before installing an update. The installer will put the default files back in place, so after installation, you'll need to restore your original files to keep your current settings and game conditions. Once the files are restored, you can modify lines 801 (set to 120) and 802 (set to 0) in the text8.date file as desired to match with the defaults.

In response to the reported fuel price issue, fuel cost variation based on location has been reduced significantly. There can still be value in selling fuel, but it is now much more in line with other gameplay activities. I will likely continue to evaluate this option and related factors going forward for possible further changes. If you have feedback you would like to submit to me on this (or any related value factors), please send it to me via e-mail (starwraith.com > contact)
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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