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By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago

This is an open letter from BlackMark Studio to English-speaking players who might be or already are interested in this game. Sea Dogs: To Each His Own is the newest (released in 2012, yay!) game of Sea Dogs series which always was extremely popular in Russia and had a warming reception worldwide. Internationally it is also known as Age of Pirates.

The ocean of freedom...The ocean of freedom...

There is a chance that you probably haven't heard of Sea Dogs games before. It short, any Sea Dogs game is about becoming the most rich, famous, popular, deadliest son of the devil in vast open world archipelago.
If you want refs, see games like SM Pirates!, Port Royal, Age of Sails, Tempest, AC: Black Flag. As for movies, it's Master & Commander all the way.

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own was originally realeased December 7, 2012 in Russian only. Although we received the most positive reviews from our players (thank you!), it didn't go as well as we expected due to poor marketing and piracy.

It took years to build our team back together and to translate the game, which was no small task since we couldn't afford professional translators to deal with enourmous amount of text. Just a thought, but we should make a book of it!

We are also very sorry to all our English-speaking fans, especially to PA! community for constant delaying, but it's over now, the english edition is ready to set sail on early February.

Red pants and red coatRed pants and red coat

We shall be constantly supporting the game with patches and if it sells well we can promise you more DLCs, expansions and addons. SD: TEHO was made by fans for fans and we hope that more people will join us.

We promise you an exciting 100 hours long adventure and challenging experience. Bon voyage and remember: to each his own!

Audaces fortuna juvat!

Sincerely yours,
BlackMark Studio
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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