Evochron Legacy 1.0128 Update...

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
- Civilian frame agility stats aligned with center console indicators in shipyard.
- Build constructors allowing deploy modules to be built with no deploy constructor installed fixed.
- Descending into gas giants now provides a smoother transition effect with fading fog density, turbulence, and wind noise.
- Hull damage from high pressure crush zone near center of gas giants now gradual instead of instantly destroying ship.
- Fog illumination now decreases as player approaches the center of gas giants to convey increasing atmospheric density.
- HUD targeting indicator now displays object description when target display is in range list mode and a non-ship object is targeted.
- A new command module could prevent new contracts from being offered due to old faction links, fixed.
- Equipment list will now automatically sort and minimize if player stores equipment items in hangar.
- Saving a ship design template in the shipyard could cause background objects to disappear, fixed.
- Missing ships at patrol waypoints during high traffic multiplayer sessions should now be fixed.
- Attempting to destroy a station/city module under construction could result in an error, fixed.
- Inactive crew members are no longer allowed to leave while player flies a military spacecraft.
- MDTS lock on sound effect now responds correctly to selected effects volume level.
- Quests 3 and 4 updated to correct a few potential issues with certain stages.
- High pressure near gas giant crush zones now generates a red glow in fog.
- Item icon in slot 5 of hangar bay in engineering lab now shows correctly.
- Component highlight indicator in shipyard no longer persistently visible.
- Base prices for Federation frames aligned with local cost values.
- Overall chance of crew leaving reduced by about 50%.
- Idle/inertial fuel use reduced to 0.

Edit: Hotfix has been uploaded to correct an issue with the new crew member loyalty factor which caused them to leave more frequently. Calculated value should now work correctly at a 50% relative reduction from the previous builds.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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