Bit Blaster XL V1.1 BETA Patch

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to send through an announcement of the V1.1 BETA patch now being available in the BETA branch for Win32, Win64, Linux32, Linux64, OSX.

It features a variety of fixes and improvements. I would love if some players could test it out and let me know that it works. If you do test it, please leave feedback in a comment below (good or bad) with whatever important/unique details you can provide about your machine (Operating system, 32 or 64 bits, 60hz, 120hz, etc)

To try out the BETA version of Bit Blaster XL V1.1, just right click the game in the library tab. --> Click Properties --> Click the BETAS tab --> from the Drop down box select the Testing beta. It should then automatically download. Make sure that if the BETA doesn't work for you, you use the same method to turn it off.

Some of the fixes include:
-All Objects should now move at the same speed regardless of framerate
-Super fast gameplay and super slow gameplay should now be resolved
-Heatseeker should work great now
-Fully rewritten shield system, should be far more stable and allow for a couple upcoming features
-Mouse cursor should now disappear correctly during a round of play and reappear in menus.
-Slightly adjusted colors here and there, and modified various GUI details ever so slightly.
-And a variety of other small changes.

Of course I don't want to push this until I have a good handful of people from a variety of machines telling me its working great. Many people have shared videos with me too and that's always very helpful as well, send them to info(at)nickervision(dot)com

And lastly, thank you to everyone that has been playing so far, left great reviews, and share Bit Blaster XL with their friends and family. This launch week has far exceeded my expectations and it feels great to be embraced by such an awesome community. Thanks so so much.

-Adam Nickerson
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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