Warhammer 40000 : Eternal Crusade Next Patches

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
We'd just like to say that we are ecstatic with the reception on Early Access, want to thank Bandai Namco to partner with crazy people like us and of course Games Workshop allowing us as EA into their sale and Steam graciously migrating all Founders over to EA. Last but not least, thanks to you our Founders and new EA arrivals, this wouldn't be happening without you.

I added some of the latest patches we've done but I'd like to give you insight and highlights into the next month of patches. The sequence will not necessarily hold but the priority is more or less correct and will be deployed as soon as it becomes available.

Client Performance, I assigned more people to it and more help from EPIC. Which will make it EPIC. Sounds EPIC.
Keyboard bindings, if you think you are frustrated, imagine us having played without any for years.
Items, Inventory, Rogue Trader Items, In-game Rewards. Sexy (that's "visual customization" for most of you)
A new level in 2 weeks or so, followed by a brand new Fortress map and game mode. It is a M***********. That's Icelandic for "It's very nice". It also means 60+ players.
Get all Eldar in while we're working on Orks. They are coming baby.
Strategic Layer, it's important you get to see what we mean by Massive Online and how PVE, PVP and everything ties together in territorial conquest.
AI …. we want the first AI co-op map out there as soon as possible.

We love you all for the love shown and appreciate greatly your reception. We've read feedback all over the internets and we will keep to our weekly/bi-weekly schedule of updates as much as we can.

Or as I found out, Steam is not used to having more than 8000 characters in Patch Notes, which ours obviously don't fit into so I linked to our patch forum but this also shows me quite well why people have the impression that some just publish on EA and then go on vacation to Cuba. Don't worry, we're still in snowy ice cold Montreal reading your forums and watching you behind your back invisible in-game.

Yours eternally,

Nathan, destroyer of worlds, crusher of dreams and on occasion Slaanesh.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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