Blood of Magic Patch 0.65 New Inn

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Patch Notes:

Replaced the old Inn with a larger structure. Interior now reflects the new exterior of the building. There's some place holders in place in the new Inn, until we can get more features out. We plan to make the Inn a lot more lively and interactive. Soon the Inn will have its own lore and reason for all the events that can take place in the Inn. We have a lot planned for the Inn and it will play big role in the game in the future.

Additionally, the notice board has been moved to the Inn, there is still one in the town hall, but we will soon redo the town hall as well.

Final Thoughts:

The new Inn is a prelude to what we're ramping up for in 0.70. We're going to be introducing a whole new tutorial that help guides the player intimately with the game step-by-step. With the new tutorial we want to add more detail to the current lore to support the reasoning behind certain functions. Additionally, we will be remodeling the town hall and implementing the new town management feature. Not only are we going to bring in this new feature we will also add in the ground work for new reputation system!

That's right, we want to start implementing choices and decisions for players that will have a meaningful impact on the game world around them. Player decision will not only impact story forks in the Ebonbell Zone, but your rule as the new lord of Auguston. Current quests will start being changed to accommodate these new changes as we continue our updates.

Will you be a fair and just lord, bringing peace among those around you or cruel and authoritative? or even perhaps a mix?

Side note:

So this morning, I woke up, went to start working on final touches for 0.65 patch and it turned out my CPU got burned, not sure how but there we're burn marks around its slot in the motherboard. Anyways, I had to make a 180 minute trip to get to a shop that actually sold performance desktops to get a new one so I can gut it and put in parts from my old one.

Took me the whole day to get the right one and make the changes. Now I got a dell with my original power supply hanging out the back (Looks even worse inside the case lol), because dell believes their hardware sizes should be unique and different from everyone else.

The good news is I got it up and running, booted from my old drive with the project file and we're back in business. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the final additions I wanted to the Inn, but I needed to stay on my schedule, so I'll be sure to get those final touches by the 0.70 patch.

Thank you everyone! and stay tuned for more updates, stay active on the forums.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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