Update 1.0.1

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Hello! How are you? We hope you are having a good time while playing Crudelis. To make it even better, we've released a few patches in the past few days. Please, make sure you verify the integrity of the game's cache before continuing.

• Fixed an issue causing Lester to lock the player in his house.
• Fixed a rare issue where the player could get frozen during the dialogue with Lester.
• Fixed an issue where the bank owner didn't leave the room properly.
• Fixed an issue where the journal was updated out of order.
• Hogan the Gunsmith will no longer run through Henry.
• The player can no longer buy several train tickets.
• The player can no longer pay for multiple girls without spending the time with them.
• The resurrection will cure Henry of being drunk.
• Performance boost in Henry's house.

• Fixed an incorrect display of Henry's blood in the kitchen.
• Fixed a rare issue where the restaurant's texture wasn't displayed properly.
• Fixed an issue where Lester's notes would display twice.
• Fixed a graphical bug causing the player to fall of the stairs in the brothel.
• Fixed a graphical bug causing the player to walk over the factory's roof.
• Fixed a door arrow to move out of control in the brothel.
• Added missing character portraits.

• Music from the Monastery will fade out properly.
• Fixed a looping music after the chase sequence.
• Fixed the music not fading out properly during one of the closing scenes.
• Fixed the missing audio error causing the game to crash after wearing a suit.

• Rearranged some items' categories.
• Fixed various typos in the English subtitles.
• A support for Steam Cloud has been extended.

- Marcin
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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