INFRA Version 1.0.7

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago

A lot of stuff in today's update. Like, really a lot.

First of all, the option to invert your mouse has been finally added, have fun playing you all who were waiting for it! Secondly, the support for XBOX 360 controller has been implemented almost completely. Only some small things, like not being able to use the ingame computers, are still missing, hence the partial controller support status shown on the Steam Store page.

On top of these important additions we've made a ton on bugfixes and other changes to the game. Most notably the office level now feels a lot more lively, thanks to the new conversations and lipsyncing for the random office workers.

Check out the complete change list below, if you want to know what else has been done.

The public issue tracker for INFRA can be found here[].

Version 1.0.7
• Added "show hints" option to the options menu
• Added "invert mouse" option to the options menu with the ability to "invert X", "invert Y" or "invert X + Y" (issue #274)
• Changed hints to use icons instead of text for mouse bindings
• Changed the camera hint to hide when no longer looking at a camera target
• Changed the camera hint not to be displayed after the player ignores it for a few times
• Changed keycard, zoom, unzoom and crouch hints to be only displayed once
• Changed player cell phone disconnect tone to be louder
• Changed the crouch button on Xbox 360 controllers to be a toggle
• Fixed hint display & success counts not being saved under certain circumstances
• Fixed achievement progress being overridden for "Photographist", "An Eye for Detail", "No Stone Unturned", "The Conspiracy Unfolds", "Structural Analyst Extraordinaire", "Restoring the Flow", and "TFTC" when starting a new game and making progress
• Fixed "Restoring the Flow" achievement (issue #315)
• Fixed the analogue sticks not working by default on the Xbox 360 controller (Reset to default controls for this to take effect)
• Fixed missing hint icons for the Xbox 360 controller (issue #307)
• Fixed achievements not unlocking after loading a saved game from the main menu (issue #276)
• Fixed being able to get stuck on a black screen when something goes wrong (level transition errors, etc.)
• Fixed the "reset controls to defaults" button in the options menu also resetting the dropdown choices (but not to their defaults)
• Fixed a rare case where the player view control is never disabled (issue #300)
• Fixed intro controls breaking if the game is saved and loaded in the middle of the intro (issue #291)
• Fixed player view starting underground if the game is saved and loaded in the middle of the intro (issue #291))
• Fixed the binding for skipping the intro missing from the options menu
• Fixed being able to rebind keys to a Xbox 360 controller in the options menu
• Fixed the sprint button not being bound on the Xbox 360 controller (Now bound to the left stick)
• Fixed the reload button not being bound on the Xbox 360 controller (Now bound to the Y button)

• Added conversations for the groups of three in the 7th floor corridor and in the atrium
• Added lipsyncing to the random office workers
• Added an additional voice for the male office workers
• Added use highlights for the company car
• Changed the office worker voices a bit
• Changed the timing of the reception scene a bit
• Fixed keycard reader hint not disappearing when the keycard reader is used (issue #306)
• Fixed crouch hint appearing when jumping from the 8th floor (issue #318)
• Fixed ghost subtitles when "using" a male office worker and then immediately "using" a female office worker

• Added a few extra batteries
• Added a camera target to the maintenance log in the power plant
• Changed train brake sounds (issue #259)
• Fixed player monologue and the phone call playing on top of each other
• Fixed leaking displacement (issue #301)

• Fixed a missing line from the player monologue when the ceiling starts to collapse

• Fixed an area portal issue (issue #295)
• Fixed foliage building key being able to open gate in end of level
• Fixed raft water sound playing after raft ride
• Fixed a certain door missing animations (issue #298)
• Removed a player clip from the foliage building

• Fixed the player's voice coming from the phone speaker instead of the player in payphone calls

• Fixed misleading grit classifier note

• Fixed unreachable geocache location (issue #311)

• Added more bricks to the emergency bolt cutter part
• Changed crate locations in the climbing part
• Fixed missing metadata
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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