Blood of Magic Patch Alpha 0.64c

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
Patch Notes:

-Added new quest "Earthen Heresy" will unlock the "Religious Freedom" quest

-Added new quest "Rock Collection" will unlock the "Rock Hound" quest

-Added 1 new enemy, the "Rock Golem" extremely difficult adversary and immune to most DoTs

-Added 1 new boss, "Geomancer Noch" controls the Obrodian Shrine.

-The new quests can be picked up by 2 new npc's in the Inn. "Arcane Priest Lemann" and "Edler John"

-Reduced "Heavy Smash" damage by 30% from 130%

-Pressing "P" no longer freezes the game, only the mechanics now.

-Added an "Exit Game" function on the battle menu in combat for players who want to quit combat, but not alt-ctrl-dlt

-Fixed backline combatants from disappearing before their death animation.

-Added door to the side of the Office.

-Changed "gold removed" to "- XX gold"

-Statistics now working

-"A Dirty Experiment" and "Broken Shield" quests have been fixed and will now work properly.

Final Thoughts:

Players may hear mention of Ebonbell, this is the new zone we've been working on, we're getting close to wrapping up the quests in Auguston, need to finish out the investigation questline and add a few more side quests for the buildings the player builds.

On another note, the Inn is getting extremely crowded and we've been working on a redesign of the Inn.

Bard model is nearing completion, so once that's done, We'll be able to get him in the game and give him a full ability tree and actual use. The adventurer model is being worked on as well and we'll be changing the name to a "Looter" with concepts being done on the new alchemist. So we have a lot more companion reworks coming with a lot of new abilities!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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