Achievements, Trade Cards, sound fix, level skips

By doomful, 2 years ago
Hey fellows, massive game update is on it's way!

First of all, now we have 16 regular achievements + 1 hidden achievement! You may need to reset the game and play once again to master all of them.

Second, we have game trading cards, few backgrounds and pack of emoticons ready! All those goods are under Valve approval now and would be available in a day or so. Stay tuned for another announcement!

Then comes long-awaited fix for sound button on x64 systems (however, there is no guarantee it will work in all possible hardware/software combinations). Also there was a fix for screen flickering issue and game also now honors Steam Language settings.

And the last one. For those who are definitely stuck in puzzles, we have new puzzle skip functionality. It is free for charge however it still have a cost. You have to find it by yourself and decide can you pay the price.