Welcome to TrueSteamAchievements

By TrueSteam, 1 year ago
Hi there!

This is a pretty special moment for all of us at True Gaming Network – we’ve been working on setting up a site for Steam gamers for some time, and today we finally get to launch it!

If you have come here from TrueAchievements or TrueTrophies, you’ll be aware of the huge number of features you have at your disposal on those sites. TrueSteamAchievements is built from the same code-base, so we are able to bring you the exact same awesome functionality that you are used to there, but with some extra Steam related goodies as well!

The good thing about sharing this existing code-base is that we are already launching as the most fully-featured Steam site on the planet. The bad thing is that we still have a few features to test! That’s where you can help us.

As you can see from the logo in the header, we’re in beta until we iron out all these little issues. This allows us to control the flow of new users into the site until we have everything sorted.

We are no longer in Beta!

All testing will be co-ordinated from the Bug Reports Forum. We'll be posting a lot of threads in there today detailing the various features, so please keep an eye on that forum and add it to your "My Forums" list.

If you that way inclined, please add our Twitter account too - we'll keep you up to date there with any server issues we may have.

Thank you for your help with this, we feel it's a great chance to make something truly special!

Rich and the TGN team