Steam sale round-up: September 12th, 2021

By Jack Watling,
Here are the latest Steam sales.

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Game with achievements

Product Discount Sale Price Info
Power of Love 51% $0.49 Buy
Rytmik Lite Chiptune Synthesizer 50% $2.99 Buy
Rytmik Ultimate 70% $5.39 Buy
The Keep 77% $3.44 Buy

Game without achievements

Product Discount Sale Price Info
Conan the mighty pig 51% $0.49 Buy
Gumboy Tournament 50% $1.49 Buy
Inquisitor - Deluxe Edition Upgrade 66% $1.69 Buy
Inquisitor - Renesance zla (eBook) 66% $2.37 Buy
Numen: Contest of Heroes 70% $2.39 Buy
Rayless 56% $0.89 Buy
Rytmik Ultimate – Rock Expansion 40% $3.59 Buy
Rytmik Ultimate – Voice & Acoustic Expansion 40% $3.59 Buy
Upgrade to Rytmik Ultimate 70% $3.59 Buy