Zombie Grinder Update - January 4th, 2016

By Rebecca Smith, 11 months ago
Until now our detailed change-lists have been distributed purely in a text file that comes in the game's install folder (its called changelist.txt in the Docs folder if you're curious). The text file just contains a dump of all our change-lists from our codebase.

At the suggestion of several members of the community, we will also be posting update notes for the larger updates here as well (For smaller hotfixes keep an eye on the changelist.txt file)!

So anyway, without further ado, the following changes were made in the most recent update.


• New weapon upgrade system. Gems are now used to upgrade per-weapon upgrade trees, that modify the stats and abilities of each weapon. Each weapon can have 10 stats increased with gems, further stat upgrades have to be traded off by reducing other stats, which should work out to be nice and self-balancing. Skills are no longer activated with gems, but recharge with enemy kills.
• All steam inventory weapons now come in several varients. Each of these varients have unique upgrade trees that are pre-upgraded, and focus on individual stats, going higher than the increases that can be achieved from generic weapons. Several versions of the weapons have special attributes, for example firing in spread patterns. The weapon variants can be identified by the adjective attached to their name, eg. the "Harmful Uzi" variant has high damage output.
• Ability to unequip items in the inventory when using a controller (the equip context menu item will now change to unequip if item is equipped).
• New item - Screwdriver - Broken items can now be repaired to full durability with this, rather than just flat out destroyed when they break.
• New accessory - Cutie Eyes
• New hat - Afro
• New hat - Beret
• New hat - Big Sis
• New hat - Paint Can
• New hat - Colbydude
• New hat - Cowlick
• New hat - Builder Bob
• New hat - Football Helmet
• New hat - Frog Hat
• New hat - Jo-Jo
• New hat - Meguca
• New hat - Messy Bun
• New hat - Moe Mop
• New hat - Edge La Edge
• New hat - Jake Boxton
• New hat - Slenderbag
• New hat - Rina
• Support for intro/outro mini-cutscenes on campaign levels, rather than just poping in and out of existance. Added some basic ones to c1_s* maps.
• Further support for FMV cutscenes.
• Sort order support for player starts, so spawn points are more deterministic in campaign maps.
• More attack sound variations for enemies.
• Support for scrolling using mouse wheel to various UI elements (primarily in the editor).
• Handlers for SIGINT/SIGTERM and the equivilent callbacks on windows. Should allow slightly more graceful shutdowns of dedicated servers or the game when run through the terminal.


• Huge amount of changes to improve connection management. Should no longer recieve as many timeouts, and servers should always relinquish their lobby reservations quickly.
• Skills are now recharged by enemy kills, rather than through the use of gems.
• Gems are no longer purchasable in the shop, but are still dropped in abundence in game.
• Halfed number of giblets spawned when fodder/chaser enemies are killed, it was a bit overbearing before.
• Various steam inventory items have had their drop rates and rarities modified.
• Various optimisations to path finding and inventory management, should save a fairly sizable amount of cpu time.
• Various tiling issues fixed in c1_s2 and c1_s3.
• c1_s3 now loops back to c1_s1 when finished for now.
• Equipped items are now highlighted in inventory.
• Hide moderate button if no reports are in the users queue.
• Improved atlas batching to save draw time.
• Properties in editor are now sorted in a somewhat more sane way.
• Parellised the GC mark phase to save CPU time.
• Disable gpu query objects used for retrieving gpu time for profile graphs. Seems to stall on some nvidia cards, and not of much use to the end-user.
• Modified task manager to prevent delays in worker threads picking up pending tasks. Prevents minor stalls on the main thread.


• Secondary coop characters not being able to modify their characters correctly (selecting modify character would put them in the primary users inventory).
• Infinite loop when calculating broken items.
• Being able to select invisible elements in the UI.
• Being able to disable navigation if certain popups are shown during UI transitions.
• Various issues with inventory sizes not representing actual inventory space remaining.
• Ensure user has a valid hat equipped if the current one is removed.
• Crash when upgrading weapon then going back to inventory when gem and weapon are on same inventory page.
• Exploit to do with equipping hats.
• Ammo modifiers running out too fast with unlimited ammo weapons (pistol).
• Dedicated servers revert out of editor mode when no users in server anymore.
• Moved some slightly questionable connection code back to the main thread, should prevent some race conditions that were causing crashes.
• Lobby hosts searching for dedicated servers will no longer leave zombie connections open before connecting to reserved servers.
• Ranking list views not centering on players rank.
• Item_Archetype::Get_Archetype returning an object instance that has an invalid base class type-id.

Have fun! The weapon changes should certainly make for some interesting play!

- Tim
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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