Farm Together Sprouts Jumping Tractors and More in the Latest Update

By Austin Phoenix, 11 months ago
The latest update for Farm Together introduces quality of life changes, new content, and minor bug fixes. The update details are as follows:

New items:
  • 3 New tractor Antennas (Horseshoe, Venus, Duck)
  • Bath furniture for the house
  • Squirrel and Panda backpacks
  • 2 new Suit clothing
  • 2 new pendants (Butterfly & Bat)
  • New female hair style
Farm Together 1

  • The character doesn't need to recover its speed after jumping a fence (so overall you'll walk faster over fences).
  • You can now jump fences while on the tractor
  • You can now unpause the game by pressing the Start button on the gamepad.
  • Fixed Pet particle issues when they teleport
  • Fixed camera rotation issues with the game paused.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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