Home is Where the Heart is in Edge of Eternity

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
Edge Of Eternity was funded on Kickstarter three years ago. Over the following time period, we've seen the occasional trailer and loads of screenshots, but very few actual details on what players can expect from the game. Developer Midgar Studio aims to change that with the first update (hopefully of many) detailing the combat, a new creature, and the importance of homes within the game's lore.

Homes play an important part in the way of life on Heryon. A home is sacred because it is seen as place of worship as well as somewhere to live. If you happen to be homeless, you're shunned or even hated by other citizens because you've lost the favour of the Gods — only the sinful would be without a home. It doesn't matter why you happen to be homeless, be it fire, monster attack, or just horrible misfortune, you are seen as a second class citizen and are treated as such.

Sometimes, the homeless and children can be adopted into other households, especially if they're family members, but they must complete a probationary period before they can be judged worthy community members again. This has seen dishonest households welcome these people into their households to treat them as slaves before once again casting them out before that period is complete. The practice is frowned upon, but it's still not as shameful as being the one made homeless again.

It's a grave offense to destroy somebody's home, especially by means of something like arson. Even the cruelest warlords abide by this code because it would tarnish their name and honour, as well as bringing divine punishment. Those who do commit arson are also reviled, but they're hunted down and sentenced to death too.

Each home has an elected householder, either a parent or the most successful heir of the family, and is then blessed by a Sanctorium Priest. If the home hasn't been blessed, it's seen as a sin to live in it. The blessing grants each home a House Seal, "a sacred signet bearing a Crystal imprinted with the Soul of the Household it represents". The House Seal has a single use, but the developer is keeping quiet on that one for now.

Combat in Edge of Eternity will be turn-based but it has a bit of a twist by using the Nexus Grid system. A Nexus is a unit of terrain that can contain enemies, heroes, hazards, or bonuses, and they're a symbol of the magical power within that area of Heryon. Each character (and enemy) will have their own unique skills that allows them to use the grid in different ways.

As an example, one character might lay mines down in one area while another tries to lure the enemies into the area using any means possible, even if it means throwing or pushing them into the area. Another example is a rush to claim a healing crystal in the centre of the grid, but some characters will need to stop the enemy getting there first. The idea is to be able to allow players to use the layout of the environment as well as combat strength to defeat enemies, even if they're under-levelled.

Finally, the Pilitch is a chubby, comical and fluffy character that's best left in peace, because then it lays ten times as many eggs. Despite its wish to be left alone, Pilitches like music. Farmers often hire bards or singers to entertain their flock as this also increases the number of eggs a Pilitch will lay, as well as their quality. The creature derives pleasure from strange things, though — it prefers to hear songs about loss, anguish and impossible love. They'll even elicit an evil cackle once the final drama has unfolded.

More details have been promised for Gamescom next month. For now, we'll just have to wait to hear more seeing as the game has missed its last estimated release window of Spring 2018.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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