Blast Man Makes His Debut in Mega Man 11

By Rebecca Smith, 7 months ago
When Mega Man 11 is released in October, Mega Man will be joined by faces both familiar and new. One of those new faces will be Blast Man, a Robot Master players will have to take down after conquering his stage. Capcom also detailed two of the game modes players can try if they fancy a break from the campaign.

Believe it or not, Blast Man is a fan of explosions. Using those and his penchant for narcissism, he has shaped the ruins of a theme park and movie studio into his personal "Blast Man Adventure" playground. In this stage, players will encounter volatile boxes, new enemies, and those who are more familiar, such as Sniper Joe. The mid-boss takes the form of a crazy roller coaster, where mini-bots travel the tracks in rocket cars and occasionally fall out to attack you separately. Meanwhile, the big man himself will have no qualms about throwing explosives at you. His Power Gear makes his bombs even bigger while his attack patterns become erratic. If you take him down, though, you'll get a Chain Blast weapon that floats sticky bombs at enemies. Multiple bombs can be chained together. Alternatively your Power Gear will amplify the explosions.

As well as the new face, Capcom revealed two game modes to be appearing in the game. The first is the returning Time Attack mode. Here, players must complete the Robot Masters' stages as quickly as possible to get a high spot on the leaderboards.

The second mode is a new game mode created for Mega Man 11. Balloon Attack removes all of the enemies in a stage and replaces them with red and blue balloons, and the aim is to get through the stage in the quickest time possible while bursting all of the blue balloons. Time is added on for every red balloon that is accidentally burst or every blue balloon that's missed.

You'll be able to try out both of these modes and take on the new Robot Master when the game is released on October 2nd.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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