The Light Empire [UPDATE 1/2] Colony System

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Hello everyone,

Today I come to talk about the next update, which will be on the colony system.

As you know, you can colonize a planet for you to furnish fuel and food, but the system is not at all advanced. Here are the next changes; they will be in the update:

• Four planets to colonize (MAX)
• Each planet can provide fuel and food. (With varying degrees of efficiency)
• You will have to manage the settlers and assign work.
• Buildings construction system.
• Manage defense capability of the colony and building care center to resist disease.
• Overall level of your colony

Specifically, when you will want to build a building, it will show the "number of jumps" it will take to build it. A jump will be counted each time you leave your world map, or use "explore galaxy". You will have to manage your farm and your mines for the production of fuel and food.

You will also have to manage building construction to protect your colony. Once in space, you can not return to defend all your colonies. If the enemy managed to win the battle, you will not lose your colony but you will lose the settlers and, perhaps, the level of buildings.

You will also have to build medical centers to treat your disease settlers otherwise you lose too.

Each colony built can't be destroyed, so make the right choice before building one.

Each colony can generate money ($), it will depend on its level and its current settlers.

I don't have a release date for the update but feel free to ask me questions; I'll be there to answer them. See you soon, thanks.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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