The Forest Leaves Early Access

By Tim S, 8 months ago
After four years in Early Access, Endnight Games' Open World Survival game The Forest has released into version 1.0 and is now a fully-fledged title.

The popular game, which has seen 78,000 reviews on Steam, has been well-received up to this point. Ninety-two percent of the reviews are positive, which just goes to show that it's in good standing upon its full release.

The Forest's developers have listed a plethora of updates, fixes and tweaks to the game via their website, which includes additions to their end-game content, cave re-works and new craftable items. The full changelog can be found here.

In addition to all of the above, the developers have announced a VR version of The Forest, due to release on 22 May. Endnight Games revealed a small teaser as to what we might expect from the title:

It’s the full game, with your hud on a smart watch, a full 3d inventory, and tree cutting using motion controls. We think it’s the most fun vr game we’ve ever played and can’t wait to share it with everyone.
Version 1.0 of The Forest is available to download and play today.
Tim S
Written by Tim S
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