Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series Begins in GTA Online

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
If there is one thing you can say about Rockstar, it's that they've provided fantastic support for their extremely popular crime sandbox Grand Theft Auto V. Nearly three years after the game's release on Steam, the updates still continue to appear for this platform. Today's update is the beginning of a series of a full season of racing updates in the GTA Online: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series, and it brings along a new racing mode and five new cars.

Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series

The five new vehicles will be added to the Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos showrooms. There's the Declasse Hotring Sabre and two super cars: the Overflod Entity XXR and the Cheval Taipan. The new station wagon, the Vulcar Fagaloa, will include several customisation options like wood body panelling and interior trim, while the new rally-inspired, mid-engine four wheel drive Sports class car, the Vapid GB200, will also be very customisable.

The Hotring Circuit mode will bring back memories of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Combining the traditional Hotring mode with GTA Online's Cunning Stunts, up to 30 players take to the track for ten multi-lap stock car races made specifically for the Declasse Hotring Sabre. This mode will offer Double GTA$ & RP from now until March 26th.

Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series

The new content also brings along a series of discounts on in-game content. The following properties and vehicle upgrades will be reduced in price.


  • Executive Office Garages – 30% off
  • Custom Auto Shops – 30% off
  • Penthouse Suites – 30% off
  • 10 Car Garages – 30% off


  • Engines – 25% off
  • Turbo – 25% off
  • Brakes – 25% off
  • Transmission – 25% off
  • Suspension – 25% off
  • Spoilers – 25% off
  • Bullet Proof Tires – 25% off
Finally for today's update, there's a new Premium Race and a new Time Trial. The former is called Threading the Needle and is available through the Quick Job App on the in-game phone. Alternatively, you can join the race through the yellow corona at Legion Square. All racers earn triple RP, while the top three racers will each earn extra GTA$. The Time Trial is called Down Chiliad and is marked on the in-game map. After entering the purple corona and beating par time, you'll get GTA$ & RP.

In the future, more game modes will be coming to the title. On April 3rd, players will be able to take part in Target Assault mode. Eight teams of two players take to the road in vehicles equipped with mounted guns. Drivers are awarded points for outmaneuvering their opponents, while the Gunners' main focus is on targets that must be destroyed for further points.

Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series

Meanwhile, May 1st will introduce ten new Special Vehicle Races made for the Deluxo, Stromberg and Thruster from The Doomsday Heist. Four weeks later on May 29th, seven more Transform Races will be introduced. Along the way, there will be new vehicles from Pegassi, Overflod, Lampadati and others. Away from racing, there will be two new Adversary Modes, new Creator tools and updates, and other features. None of the vehicles and non-racing game modes have a release window yet, although the Creator updates are currently promised for spring.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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