Tabletop Simultor Update Brings New DLC, Discord Integration, and Improvements

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Berserk Games has released the first update of 2018 for Tabletop Simulator. The highlights of the patch are the new "Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach" DLC, integration of Discord into the game, and numerous behind the scenes fixes to the game's code to enable the developer to improve their future updates.

The "Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach" is a 1-4 player card game that is, rather unsurprisingly, based on Obsidian Entertainment's Pillars of Eternity. It is recommended for plyers aged 13 and upwards, and will take 1-2 hours for a single game. Despite accommodating up to four players, only the host needs to own the DLC for players to have a game. The DLC can be purchased for $7.99 or regional equivalent and currently comes with a 20% launch discount.

Pillars of the Earth

The remaining fixes are in the patch notes below:

Discord Integration

  • You can now click on a user in Discord and see what game they are playing within TTS.
  • You can see when players are hosting a game, the number of seats available and their color.
  • You can also see how long that particular session has been going as well as if they are in singleplayer or multiplayer.

DLC Battle For Souls Update

  • Fixed bouncing rulebook when changing states.
  • Added info to the Notebook.
  • Made background objects non-interactable.

Scripting Improvements

  • Added custom deck setCustomObject() and getCustomObject() support.
  • Fixed takeObject() collision issue with concave colliders.
  • Fixed sync input fields on late joining people.
  • Fixed null reference with Player.getSelectedObjects().
  • getCustomObject() will return a list of these keys because it could be multiple decks combined:
    • string face, bool unique_back, string back, int width, int height, int number, bool sideways, bool back_is_hidden

Chat Improvements

  • Added a ‘System’ tab console (icon is a tilde ~).
  • This gives better user experience with errors and reports for players.
  • Color of chat window will be different to differentiate between this tab and the others.

Hotkey Improvements

  • Added hotkeys to toggle UI elements on and off:
    • ctrl-f1: Tools
    • ctrl-f2: Top Menu
    • ctrl-f3: Players
    • ctrl-f4: Notepad
    • ctrl-f5: Chat


  • You can now modify custom decks with by reopening the custom menu.
  • Enter key now works in password dialog.
  • Duplicate errors logged to any chat tab now collate, rather than spamming the chat box.


  • Fixed issue with Text editor text invisible when it has too many characters.
  • Fixed bug with 3d pointer sometimes not showing up onscreen hands.
  • Fixed DLC custom assetbundle textures not getting converted correctly by making the secondary bundle load first.
  • Fix chat settings and host server UI overlap.
  • Fixed chat yellow indicator disappearing for all tabs when changing tabs.
  • Fixed global chat history being lost when exiting to main menu.
Update v10.3 and the new DLC are both available now.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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