Rocket League Patch Introduces Victory Crate and Competitive Season 7

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
At the end of last month, Psyonix announced that they would be starting a new update schedule for Rocket League that alternated content updates and feature updates. This meant that they would be able to update more frequently, introduce new Competitive Seasons quicker, and spend longer getting bug fixes and game improvements right. The first of these new updates is available now. The main highlights of the patch include the introduction of the Victory Crate and the beginning of Competitive Season 7.

You can see some of the content available in the Victory Crate in the screenshots below, as well as the full patch notes.

Victory Crate

New Content


  • ‘Victory Crate’ has been added

Changes and Updates

Competitive Season 6

  • Competitive Season 6 has ended. Titles and items will be awarded for your highest rank achieved during the season. Season 6 Rewards are custom, non-tradeable Wheels
  • Receiving the Season 6 Reward Wheels is contingent upon successful completion of Season Reward Levels
  • Reward Wheels:
    • 'Season 6 - Bronze'
    • 'Season 6 - Silver'
    • 'Season 6 - Gold'
    • 'Season 6 - Platinum'
    • 'Season 6 - Diamond'
    • 'Season 6 - Champion'
  • Season 6 Grand Champions will also receive the 'Season 6 Grand Champion' Title
  • We will update the appearance of the 'Season 6 - Diamond' Wheels in a future hotfix or update.

Competitive Season 7

  • Competitive Season 7 has begun
    • Season 7 brings a “soft reset” that requires you to do placement matches in each playlist to recalibrate
    • Winning half of your placement matches will land you near your previous season ranking
    • League Rankings will be temporarily empty until players complete their placement matches

Bug Fixes


  • Players will no longer receive an error message when trying to trade up the ‘Maximon’ Decal for X-Devil
  • After leaving a Competitive Match early, Competitive Matchmaking ban messages now display time correctly in hours and minutes in languages other than English.

Known Issues

The following known issues will be addressed in a hotfix before our next major update:
  • Appearance of the 'Season 6 - Diamond' Wheels
  • Endgame Menu Division and Rank Up/Down notifications are not displaying
  • Change Preset button in Endgame Menu is not working
  • Lens flare opposing the car may appear in the main menu
Victory Crate

Patch v1.41 is available to download now if you haven't done so already. Next month's patch promises to bring new licensed premium DLC and the event for Spring. If you want to see what Psyonix has planned for the future, you can take a look at their Spring 2018 roadmap here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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