Wallpaper Engine Gets Small Patch and More Multi-Monitor Improvements

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Hey all,

I have released some more improvements for the detection of monitors. It turned out there are issues on some desktop systems using an integrated and dedicated GPU at the same time (iGPU monitor not returned by Windows), so I just tried to combine the various methods Windows offers to somehow deal with it. Some multi-monitor systems also suffer from a notorious issue of monitor names being swapped internally, causing wallpapers to be swapped too. This can be fixed with the 'device path' option - from now on the default on multi-monitor systems.

Wallpaper Engine 1

The Workshop info dialog will now ask you for genres you are interested in when you open it at first. Existing users don't have to do this, but you can still re-open the dialog at the top of the filter menu. It simply applies some presets to the existing tag filter options.

Wallpaper Engine 2

Full changelog


  • Added deprecated monitor detection option.
  • Added filter presets that are applied in the Workshop intro.


  • JS injection in project property names.
  • Property translations of local files.
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