Planet Coaster Summer Update 1.3

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
The sun is shining, the leaves are green, and our entertainers have all packed their appropriate beach outfits. Chief Beef is getting ready for an epic barbecue party, Cosmic Cow has never sold this many ice creams before, and Miss Elly... is totally fine because she’s used to the desert heat!

We can only be rambling about one thing: our FREE Summer Update is coming! Announced today at E3, this all new seasonal fiesta is making its way to you on June 27th, 2017. This update is our third major free update to Planet Coaster alongside December’s Winter Update and April’s Spring Update as well as numerous additional smaller updates bringing new languages, rides, collision toggles and much more.

Start this sunny season with a sizzling fireworks extravaganza! Celebrate your park’s milestones or dazzle your guests with explosive shows; the new Display Sequencer lets you customise and trigger up to 100 pieces (including animatronics and FX), so you can play around with a wide variety of fireworks that can even be choreographed to custom music! Endless fantastic spectacles are possible, but you can check out the fireworks trailer below for some initial inspiration:

Hype up your guests even more with Video Billboards! These new panels let you place your own textures and videos into your parks; we will explain more about how the billboards work when the update goes live on June 27, and those of you who don’t want to upload anything can choose from a selection of pre-recorded videos and stills that will be available in-game. Just imagine: you can play your own Commercial Break entry on repeat!

Summer Update 1

The new Ride Sequencer gives you all the control over your favourite rides, and you can personalise your wooden coasters even further with painted wooden supports! For that ultimate summer flair, we’re also releasing a host of celebratory scenery pieces, such as inflatables, flags, and bunting that can be customised to perfection.

We’re adding three new Scenarios to the Career mode: visit Miss Elly’s Diner, test your firework skills in the Goldmine Tower, or fly through the galaxy in Starship Hangar. And of course, we couldn’t go without expanding the coaster and ride family with eight new members! Say hello to five new coasters: the Gnarler (modern train on wooden supports), Viper One (multi-launch coaster), Power Up (compact coaster), De-Gen (21st century train on traditional looping track), and Bolt (modern boomerang coaster).

The Viper One and Power Up have a very special new feature as well: dual-direction launch stations! Send your guests flying forwards and backwards with this amazing new option!

As for the rides, we’ve got the Iron Claw (classic pendulum ride), Blackout (swinging ship on an inverted loop), and Sky Watcher (observation platform with rotating cabin). We can’t wait to see how you’ll incorporate these across your parks!

Summer Update 2

We will of course be implementing general improvements and bug fixes as well; you’ll be able to get all the information from the Update notes on June 27th. We hope you’re as excited as we are for all this new content. Tune in to our Wednesday livestream on June 14th at 7PM BST with Ed and Bo to recap these announcements and play PlanEd Boster, and on June 21st with Bo and Sam Denney for a pre-update live build stream! Hope to see you all there!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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