Arma 3 Community Guide: Jets DLC Devblog

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Arma 3 Jets DLC

In celebration of the Jets DLC take-off two weeks ago, today we've published a brand new episode in the official Arma 3 Community Guide series. The new video examines all of the aspects of jet employment in Arma 3, such as the various types of jets, munitions, sensors, threats, and tactics.

In addition, Arma 3's Creative Director Jay Crowe posted a new devblog, in which he explains the role of jets in the Arma 3 sandbox, describes how the "Jets" DLC marked the first collaboration with a third-party development team, and offers a brief update on Arma 3's 2017-2018 development roadmap.

Read the full blog on the Arma 3 website:
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