Bunny Hop League 1.1 Map Pack 1

By Austin Phoenix, 1 month ago
Hello Bunny Hoppers!

Today we are releasing version 1.1 of BHL. It features a couple of new features and maps. Read more below!


  • Network optimization
  • FOV Slider
  • Three new maps, EZ 1-3
  • Mouse wheel not working in ramping now fixed
  • Bug Fixes
  • Many new music tracks
  • New loading screen
  • New font in chat window, now easier to read.
  • Chat now also available in spectator mode
  • New achievements
  • DLC


Bunny Hop League

We know many of you probably won't like this but we have decided to package a few maps into DLC. This is so that we can continue working on the game as we are currently doing. Not to worry though, we'll still be releasing free maps like we have previously done. So if you like the game and would like to support us, you can buy the map pack and get a few new maps!

The map pack features 6 new maps! Two of each game mode.

You can find it here!

Best of regards,
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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