RUNNING WITH RIFLES 1.51 Update Released and DLC Details!

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Hey Runners!

RWR version 1.51 is out! Along with the bug fixes, we've done some re-balancing by raising the importance of the support player role by adding a new wrench type into the supply quad resources, besides the already existing repair wrench. Also C4 has been added in the supply quad to further increase the impact of this fun vehicle.

Kill combo has gone through another look too. Recently it was decreased too much after giving cosmic rewards for big artillery combos, so we came up with a formula to reach a new golden mean. Higher than ever rewards are given for smaller combos, but also big combos still give substantial rewards. This should hopefully make everyone happy and encourage vets once again to use those important strikes in Online Invasion!

As by popular request, two new rare weapons have also been added to the already huge collection of over 70 firearms!

An important note for the next version is an RP cap that will be implemented into vanilla when the "Pacific DLC" will be released. We decided to inform you properly several weeks prior so that you have time to burn your RP in case you have more than the cap of 600.000 RP. The RP limit is being added because some higher ranked players are collecting RP without spending them for cooperative purposes - just use the RP guys :)

And now to the part most of you were eagerly waiting for since the announcement of a DLC:

The WW2 Pacific war themed "RUNNING WITH RIFLES: PACIFIC" DLC will be available on AUGUST, 4 2017!

Even though we have been asked quite a few times already, we still didn't fix a price tag yet but it will most likely be around $10 USD.
RWR Pacific DLC

Changelog v1.51:

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