Steam Store Integration - Set Price Alerts, View Sales, Find Best Value Games

By TrueSteam, 1 year ago
We've been working hard for the few weeks to integrate the Steam Store into TrueSteam Achievements, and today we're finally able to announce it!

Purchase Options Panel on Game Pages

On game hub and achievement list pages, you will now see a Purchase Options panel:
Purchase optionsPurchase options

This will default to your store region (set in the Site Settings page) and show the current price and if the game is on sale. Clicking on View will take you straight through to the Steam store, or click on Info to see the pricing across all regions.

Latest Products Page

From the main menu, you can now select the Latest Products page - this will show you all the content we have pulled in from the Steam store, including how many achievements there are, the current price for your region, etc.

Product listProduct list

Clicking on the View and Filter button will reveal a host of options:
Product FilterProduct Filter

From here you can exclude items you already own, show only content that is free or on sale, and also choose the product types you want to see.

Product Information Page

Click on a product to see all the information for it - you'll see pricing for all the regions we are tracking, plus the description from the steam store and a link to the achievements in the game (if there are some).
Product information and Price AlertsProduct information and Price Alerts

Setting Price Alerts

You can set up a price alert for the product on this page, and you'll be emailed when the product drops below your target price - very handy for bargain hunters!

Sales Stories

As you've probably noticed, we are now publishing sale stories on the homepage as we find new sales on the Steam Store. We've separated out the games with achievements from the ones without to make things easier for the achievement hunters!